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Betfair’s Amazing Hi Lo Game – Win at Betfair

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Some online casino games require a high level of skill, while others may be easier to play. Betting Exchange Hi Lo is one such game. However, as with all exchange games the extra element comes from how the computer plays the game. The player must predict what they will do.

The player wagers on how many cards it predicts that the computer will receive before making a wrong decision. The Ace is considered high and suit is used as the spades. The computer can be more accurate if it uses the same suit. If the first card dealt to Betting Exchange is a 5, then there are three cards lower than 5 and 9 higher than 5.

The computer will therefore base its decision on the likelihood of which card it will play next. Betting Exchange has included a card counter beneath the layout of the screen. This helps the user to determine which cards remain to be played. After each round, the exchange element is introduced. Players have the option to increase their chances of winning or reduce their risk. Betting Exchange now offers a Turbo version, which is 25% faster than the regular exchange game. This is a great addition to the site, as the original game can take a lot of time. The Turbo version is sure to be a hit with those who like to keep their pulse racing and get their heart rate up when placing bets.

Betting Exchange Hi Lo is a simplified version of the original game, but it adds a gambling element that makes it more appealing to players. Although it may not be the most exciting, there are many people who prefer the simple style of Hi Lo games. The Betting Exchange game is an excellent example.

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