Prescription Drug Abuse and Ways to Tackle It


In an anti-drug event in Charleston, Western side Virginia, in April this year, Us president Obama mention about the dangers of drug overdose and prescription substance abuse. The us president said, “It might happen to anyone… 120 Americans die every day from drug overdoses, most involving legal prescribed drugs — that’s more than from car accidents. inch

Us president Obama also expressed his concerns about prescribed drugs becoming a “gateway to heroin. inch Fighting this nuisance will require a lot of effort from all political parties, organizations and individuals from every family. The sale of painkillers in the You. S. has skyrocketed in recent years, which is a clear indication of their abuse by people.

According to a survey published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the united states is in the throes of an freakish drug overdose crisis. The report states: “By 2009, drug overdose fatalities outnumbered fatalities due to motorized vehicle accidents for the first time in the You. S. Opioid analgesics, have been increasingly involved in drug overdose fatalities. Opioid analgesics were involved in 30 percent of drug overdose fatalities where a drug was specified in 1999, compared to nearly 60 percent this season. inch

This is alarming, and adequate steps should be taken to curb this rising crisis. One important step up this direction could be setting up of a helpline in every neighborhood to help out people and also spread the awareness.

Preventing prescription substance abuse

It is down-to-earth to prevent it in the first place rather than focus on its cure after its starting point. It is a cost-effective option that paves the way for longer expected life, improved quality lifestyle and educational performance and healthy sociable relationships.

In the CDC study, scientists also came up with several remedies to prevent this. According to them, “The most effective substance abuse prevention programs are those that help individuals to develop the motives and skills to do something in a healthy manner, and those that induce a place that supports healthy behaviors. inch buy psychedelics online

“A brief general prevention interventions conducted during middle school can lead to discounts in prescription drug wrong use during teenage life and young adulthood, inch the study says. These findings can be crucial in supporting educational institutions to stop substance abuse among students and help them grow into healthy individuals.

Schooling the person and public

Creating awareness about it among people is one of the most important steps to prevent and reduce it. A public education campaign — Exclusively use as Directed — held in Utah resulted in a significant lowering of drug overdose fatalities in the state.

Although people are watchful about purchasing illicit drugs from dealers, they often times believe that prescribed drugs are less harmful and non-addictive. This false notion has contributed to a substantial rise in the number of prescription substance abuse cases in the recent past.

Schooling healthcare providers

People can be made aware of the risks of prescription substance abuse in an easier way by schooling the healthcare givers about it. Prescription drug addiction treatment help should come from people who have adequate lessons in both pain management and substance abuse. Healthcare providers need to identify patients who stand at a greater risk of abuse and also ensure that those treated with opioid receive only the mandatory quantity of medication.

Any hole in their knowledge could be detrimental and lead to abuse of the prescribed drugs. It is also imperative for physicians to have proper clinical tools for rapid identification of high-risk patients.

The You. S. Department of Health and Human Services considers prescription substance abuse as a major health concern in the country. To treat this problem, there has to be a collective effort from public healthcare providers at the federal, state and local level.

If you or a loved one is grappling with a prescription substance abuse, call 24/7 Prescription Substance abuse Helpline at 866-450-1557. One of our experts will help you find a treatment and detox program fitted to your needs.

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