Online Shopping the straightforward Manner

Every little thing you should buy in local stores are available in online shops. Price comparison sites find the least expensive merchants for you. But can you trust them? Plenty of folks have fallen for online scams. They have ordered items, taken care of them, but unfortunately they never arrived

Shop owners who want to distance themselves from the truly amazing mass of online retailers want to showcase their quality by utilizing quality certificates

Particularly extensive testing criteria can be found at Trusted Stores. An overall total of approximately one hundred points are put under the microscope: credit, security, price transparency, reporting requirements, customer care and privacy policy. Additionally, a totally free buyer protection with money-back guarantee is offered. This applies even though the dealer becomes insolvent. Trusted Shops has already certified over 8000 online retailers

“Seals of approval aren’t to be confused with street signs, which are in charge of traffic safety,” warns IT consultant and former hacker Gunnar Porada. Also, not all are equally good seals. Some already awarded a certificate that encrypts the information sent, what should be a matter of course for all investors. A name alone does not guarantee a good quality of the internet shop

Pay securely on the Internet

When you pay, the Internet, buyers are often uncertain. Which way is the greatest, so the goods actually arrive? Is the information that I provide on the Internet protected, especially from bank-account and bank card numbers? “The safest for the consumer is to when you are able pay by invoice. But many traders attempt to money in advance”, criticized the independent IT consultant Sebastian Schreiber of the preferences of online dealer for paying. Alternatively you are able to supply the dealer a debit. A direct debit can be revoked for six weeks without the problems. COD is an additional, but expensive method for ordering. The benefit is you only pay whenever you hold items in your hands. The bank card also provides good protection. The amount of money can be retrieved easily when something went wrong

Known payment systems

PayPal: Buyer and seller must be sign before the first transaction and register on the website of PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay. You can find bank card or account data is stored. For buyers and sellers to stay anonymous. Payment is on the seller’s account. He must also pay a commission for the service line. eBay advertises a suitable buyer protection: “If items are faulty, damaged, PayPal refunded the client the money back,” says Alexander Lengen, spokesman for PayPal

Google Checkout: Another safe payment system made available from Google.

The nice old bank card

Experts recommend paying online by credit card. It’s one of the very popular payment systems. Although the information must be sent online, often for security may be the three digit security code can also queried. If errors occur, payment may be reversed at any time, once the goods don’t arrive or the Internet retailer is insolvent. Many banks release their clients from liability, even though the card was misused and couldn’t be locked in time, says a VISA company spokeswoman. Gross negligence is excluded, this means the card wasn’t carefully preserved the secrecy of the PIN has been breached or the obligation to report loss of card hasn’t complied with immediately.

When shopping online bank card companies like VISA and MasterCard offer a special password protection. The password is exchanged involving the card holder and his bank. Meanwhile, some 20,000 dealers offer their customers this option.

Methods for online shopping

– Be mindful when choosing the internet retailer to its reputations.

– Buy only from trusted Internet shop

– Use tested seal of approval.

– See the terms and conditions. These indicate the seriousness: Are they easy to find, easy to understand and limit your rights by any means they improperly?

– Are shipping and other incidental costs clearly identified? Obtain sufficient information to change or return? Is a legal notice on the page and align it with the information match elsewhere given contact? It is also helpful to check in advance if the shop responds to e-mail inquiries.

– Ensure a advanced Encryption: Sensitive data should only be transferred from the dealer by having an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. You recognize this by looking at the address. The Internet address begins with https if it uses SSL for encryption. Or choose other ordering options (telephone, fax) if no encryption is offered.

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