How To Choose The Best Ladakh Car Rental Service

Nepal is a beautiful country that is popular among both Indian as well as foreign travelers. In fact, Nepal has been a popular destination among tourists from the Indian subcontinent, besides Nepal itself. The incredible Himalayan peaks are in close proximity to the capital city of Kathmandu. There are many beautiful landmarks and towns on this tiny nation which is full of Buddhist monasteries and lots of ancient ruins. The people of these regions speak the language of Bhai, which is a dialect of Nepali. So, foreign travelers who want to spend their vacations in Nepal should try and avail the benefits of a tour guide who speaks the language of their expedition.

The Bhaktapur Durbar Square is one of the most popular places that attract tourists in and around Kathmandu. It is a place where the royal family used to meet and hold court. This square is a historical monument where the royal family was busy constructing the Durbar Square Mosque some time in 14th century. It is one of the main attractions and tourist attractions of Kathmandu valley. A tour guide can help foreign travelers find out more about the history of this place and can also arrange for sightseeing tours of various shrines present near the square.

The town of Chail, in the district of Tsum Valley, is a small travel agency hub. Most foreign travelers to Nepal book a car rental in advance in this region. The travelers can visit some interesting places in┬áthis town such as the Dhaulagiri River where the beautiful “Dhaulagri” waterfalls are situated. This waterfall is considered sacred by locals and foreigners. The trekking here takes approximately four to five days.

Another popular trekking destination in the Himalayan region is Dhaulagiri, the headquarters of the Khardongla glacier. The road from Dhaulagiri to the glacier can take three to four days. Most of the travelers who go on a four-day car tour to Dhaulagiri take a day trip to the base of the glacier. It is important to have good weather condition when visiting this region. Some travelers who want to enjoy trekking the Dhaulagri Glacier can avail tour packages offered by travel agencies.

Lhasa-Lhasa National Park is another popular trekking destination in the Himalayan region. It takes roughly four days to cover the distance between the two lhasa lakes. There are many hiking routes which can be used in the route from Lhasa to Lhasa-Lhasa trekking station. Travelers can also organize a day trip to the village of Nushan, where they can stay for a night. Lhasa-Lhasa National Park offers some amazing view, mountains, lush valleys, ancient temples and numerous beautiful guesthouses. Most foreign travelers who book a four day car tour to Lhasa-Lhasa visit this region during the summer months as it becomes a popular destination for summer season.

Ladakh is an Indian state located in the northern part of Jammu and Kashmir. It is known for its scenic beauty, extraordinary nature attractions, stunning landscapes, snow-capped peaks and stunning peak views. A popular tourist town, Ladakh is a paradise for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. Since there are many places in Ladakh that can be visited on foot, most visitors prefer to travel by car rental service to Ladakh. A four-day trip to Ladakh by a travel agency usually costs around USD20. It is important to select a reputed travel agency, especially if you are planning to travel to Ladakh during winters, as most agencies have done little to improve the conditions of their vehicles here.

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