5 Christmas Jewelry Trends that will turn heads This Holiday Season

Are you preparing for the most important spending season in the last few years since the outbreak?

Even the popularity of Delta variant cases will dampen the festive spirit, as it appears. KPMG anticipates U.S Christmas sales will be seven percent greater than last year’s, and Mastercard SpendingPulse expects in-store U.S sales (excluding gasoline and auto sales) to increase by 6.6 percent growth. However, this doesn’t mean that sales from e-commerce will fall. Despite the anticipated return of browsing and shopping in stores on the internet, sales of e-commerce according to the same survey, are forecast to increase 7.5 percent YoY and 59.3 percent Yo2Y.

In spite of this optimistic attitude, there are still some uncertainties in the air. There are some countries where restrictions on mobility remain in place, while others are slowly opening up however, each country is working to accelerate the vaccination process in order to move towards a bit of normality, at the very least. For retailers such as yourself this could be a bit difficult as rules are constantly changing to visit: bästasmyckeskrin.se If there’s one that you can be sure of this season, it’s the fact that you must prepare now for the upcoming revenge shopping season and also to be ready for your customers’ evolving buying habits.

What are you planning to do? How is your inventory doing? And what jewelry are you able to add to keep up with your customers’ increasing confidence?

Here are five of the most popular jewelry trends of the holiday season that have caught everyone’s attention in the past year. These trends are sure to make your customers head turn.

Five Holiday Jewelry Trends to Highlight in Your Storefront

1. Statement jewelry

In contrast to simple and subdued statement jewelry allows their wearer to show themselves by displaying their distinctive and striking designs.

After a whole year of staying in a house, devoid of social occasions and social interaction so it’s not surprising that statement makers are experiencing an opportunistic revival, if only to celebrate this small feeling of normalcy and freedom with no regard for safety and health concerns.

The four main statement items are statement earrings, statement necklaces and bracelets and statement rings you can also express the statement element in four categories like form, color, volume and the volume.


When you’re going to color, your customers will be looking for vibrant and bright pieces that they can easily wear with a contrast to the hue of their clothes. Contrast is essential as it makes the design more deliberate and noticeable.


Shapes that are figurative or other out of the ordinary can be a great conversation-starter and an impactful statement. Geometric shapes, like are fascinating and give off a distinct look. It could be trendy and futuristic or retro. The thing that is amazing about geometric, bold pieces is that they draw attention without having to be intricate, as in the pendant with the pyramid below captured using the GemLightbox and the smartphone.


Are your clients the kind who hesitate wearing striking pieces, but would still like an eye-catching statement piece? Put on your layers!

Although statement jewelry is typically associated with large and bold pieces doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules. Your clients can sport delicate pieces that make a statement with a lot of. Set dainty rings on the fingers or stack bracelets or necklaces made of multichains, and they’re not impossible to miss.


Make a statement or go home literally. In the case of statement jewelry, people should look for pieces that appeal visually particularly when paired with a flowing outfit. The use of volume in a bold way implies pieces that go above and beyond the norm in terms of dimension.

2. Personalized pieces

Personalized pieces of jewelry are another popular holiday jewelry style this year. Therefore, buy a few initial necklaces and earrings, pendants, rings as well as other custom-made name jewelry designs. It’s not a new trend however, the pandemic that kept people from each other for a long time, has led to an increase in desire for custom-made name designs.

As the holiday season is an occasion to give gifts, be prepared for your customers looking to seek for a more personal and thoughtful jewelry item to feel a sense of connection. Don’t be limited to just personalized names and initials, however. Other personalized items you could provide include engraving service, handwritten jewelry pieces jewelry, friendship bracelets and rings just to mention a handful.

3. The pearly wisdom of Pearly Pearls

Pearls are back! (did they ever disappear?). Look at Euphoria actor Barbie Ferreira in a custom pearl gown paired by a pearl headpiece the Met Gala. A heavenly vision.

Pearls are never out of fashion, however, there’s a good chance that you’ll be seeing more of this natural marvel this year. There are many reasons pearls’ appeal never diminishes. They’re timeless, classic and, just as Jackie Kennedy put it, always suitable. If you are selling pearls to your customers consider them as a precious gem for everyone. It’s not just for the elite or royalty. Pearls are a symbol of peace, purity and wisdom. They can’t control that would they?

If you’re not sure what kind of pearls you should purchase this year, opt for the classic round pearls since they’re perfect with any winter-themed outfit.

4. Chandelier earrings

Because “subtle” isn’t the best word used to describe this year’s festive jewelry style Be prepared to find chandelier earrings rising to the top of the list. You can’t be less “extra” than the attention-grabbing chandelier earrings. Their intricate, long designs that move to the beat of your body, will surely draw glances at the guests at your gathering.

While we’re there look into earrings with tassels, too, because customers might like to experiment with the textures and volume after a long time of toned it down.

5. Floral fiesta

If you saw the abundance of floral designs during the Met Gala, expect no less this winter since floral jewelry will be one of the most popular fashions for jewelry this holiday season, from Karlie Kloss’s pair De Beers’s diamond flower earrings, to Normani’s blue and white diamond flower ring, courtesy from Lorraine Schwartz.

The softness of floral jewelry can not only enhance the look of a person, but it can also make an outfit more attractive to help your clients make an impression in the crowd, particularly people who aren’t very comfortable with their outfits, as their playful patterns are able to transform an attractive outfit to be a fashion statement. Therefore, don’t hesitate to add some spring-inspired vibes to your clients for their winter holiday celebration.

What other trends have you seen?

In the end, you can say that the jewelry for the holidays trends this year are all about being large and big and. Bring all the delicate jewelry back into your store because customers are expected to be extravagant this holiday season following a year of extravagant fashion and a pause in jewelry.

Have you seen any other trends in holiday jewelry to add to the list? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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