Who’s This Book For?

My main complaint about this book is that it lacks of writing.

It’s not that the drawings are bad or useless. Actually there’s lots of helpful advice regarding what to do with figure drawings based on the goals you want to achieve.

However , I expected to see a bit more of a process that is step-by-step in this book. Instead, it’s the collection of “quick tips” that help you with your current procedure for figuring swear words coloring book.

The book is certainly worthy of praise with a soaring grin for the high-quality photos.

There’s a lot of variation in drawing figures, from portraits to body sketches detailed renderings, quick sketches to sketches. All of it is available here.

It’s worth the cost?

The answer is dependent on what you’re trying to find.

If you’re looking for a book to assist you in mastering the art of figure drawing from beginning to end, then this is not the right book. You’ll be better off using Proko’s Proko Figure course, especially if are a beginner artist who is trying to improve your drawing of figures.

Let’s suppose you are already practicing figures and you’re looking for examples. Maybe you’d like to see how professionals practice figures, or perhaps you’d like to look at different drawings to get ideas or to see how they compare to your own work.

This book is ideal for these reasons.

It’s also a great coffee table book if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

It’s a great source for figure drawing for those who want to learn new concepts or evaluate your work with experts, and learn some techniques to improve your work in the drawing room.

In the book, you’ll find sketches, drawings full-rendered portraits, and even photos. You’ll also find tips on how to keep your eyes focused on a specific area of the figure for example:

  • Limbs
  • Face features
  • Poses with the entire body
  • Bodies moving
  • Hands and feet

The chapters that follow feature gallery galleries by artists who have full-page photographs.

The prints feature traditional drawings of the figure room with digital works of character designers, bringing the knowledge of figures into their concept art.

The final chapter contains the gallery of naked photographs of models and they’re big enough to use.

Each page is extremely glossy and thick, which means the printing quality is excellent. Additionally, this book is larger than your typical book, which means there’s plenty of space on every page to display the stunning images.

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