The Myths Of The MOT Check

An MOT is never just something enjoyment; we are usually full of worry at the thought of our mechanic finding a million and one defects resulting in our vehicle being branded unroadworthy with just a watch tearing restoration bill able to improve that.

All of us know that there’s hardly ever really any enjoyment in a MOT check but that does not suggest that it is scary since it is manufactured out to be! From rumours to urban myths to stories built to load you with hate; the world of MOT’s is not any exception to falsities but just how many do you imagine to be correct?

However a number of these fabrications could have arisen as caused by questionable perform done by dubious mechanics but you can find more than a few real, honest specialists who will enjoy by the book and guarantee that your vehicle is tried for everything it must be and not unsuccessful for something it shouldn’t be.

There are quite a few common urban myths bordering the MOT test but below I’ve selected a number of my favourites that, regardless of how convincing your technician may seem, are simply perhaps not true…

Fog Lights/ Back Lights- There is a standard misconception that damaged fog lights and failed reverse lights can lead to a MOT fail but that is not even close to the case. There is zero appropriate requirement for these to be tried and therefore you cannot fail your MOT test should these not be working.
Number Insurance- Not directly linked to the testing criteria but this really is absolutely anything I had to indicate; I’ve locate amount of drivers who are under the assumption that they do not must be protected to operate a vehicle to the garage for their MOT but that is most surely not the case! Sure it is permissible to operate a vehicle without street tax as you can’t get street duty without a valid Book Mot Reading but it has nothing related to your insurance. Regardless of the condition, it is illegal to drive anywhere without individuals insurance so do not also effort it!
Heating- Nobody wants a cold vehicle and de-icing in the winter is never easy if your heating is not working but that is number reason to receive a fail. In fact, your heating shouldn’t actually be tested in the check so when it isn’t working, don’t worry an excessive amount of about any of it!
Appropriate Sacrifice Tyre- Your spare tyre will simply be tested as part of your MOT if it’s presently not equipped to your car. A technician will simply actually encourage you to truly have a legitimate spare tyre since it is merely common sense however you ought to never be failed for it.

Declining an MOT test is always a strain but are you aware of everything you must and shouldn’t be failed for? There are countless outstanding, experienced and honest aspects available but on your own sanity and peace of mind, make sure you know every thing there is to know to ensure that you never drop prey to those unsuspecting urban myths!

Thomas Robson may be the development Supervisor at Main Audi VW; Birmingham’s leading Audi, VW, SEAT and Skoda specialists. From MOT to car maintenance, the consultant mechanics can provide whatever you need.

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