5 Best Day trips and Excursions in Mumbai

Mumbai is a sprawling, monstrous city which seems to be constantly growing and practically never-ending. While the city is a must visit site during any journey to India, the size, scale, noise, and pollution of Mumbai can be all too overwhelming, all too quickly. Luckily, the city does end, and inside the surrounding area – on the outside of the urban mass of apartments along with suburbs and slums – you can simply break free from Mumbai for the day to find some peace and rejuvenating, clean air along the way. One can find loads of fascinating day trips to make from exploring old Buddhist caves to adventuring into India’s own personal wine region. You’ll find beaches, national parks and waterfalls to discover, among much, much more. Below we mention the top 5 best day destinations in Mumbai.

  • Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves are an intriguing and spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site that discovered only a short trip outside of the of Mumbai. The caves can be found on Elephanta Island situated within the Mumbai Bay that had been utilized as a crucial religious site by Buddhists then Hindus. The caves are cut from the rock itself. Inside many different, ancient caverns are available several sculptures plus inscriptions which depict Hindu epics along with deities.

  • Nashik

Nashik is located several hours to the northeast of Mumbai and also makes for a fantastic day trip from the city. This is something of rolling hills and rich, green valleys. Importantly, however, Nashik is India’s premier wine producing region. Although a lot of guests might not expect to locate wine that is fine whenever they check out the nation, in Nashik, they’re assured to be pleasantly surprised. Wine production here’s a somewhat new art form, but currently the natives of Nashik are fighting with the greatest international players.

  • Alibaug

Alibaug is discovered overlooking the ocean in the south of Mumbai. But there are wonderful connections by highway, ferry or train from Mumbai, making this the best spot to invest the morning. Alibaug is noted for its many beaches and also the custom seafront; surrounding the city there are numerous stretches of sand from black sand beaches to intense tidal places. A popular tourist area is definitely the Kolaba Fort which is situated some kilometers away from the shore; it’s very long had a historic job in the region.

  • Matheran

Matheran is a little hill station which is now among Mumbai’s most loved day trips. Matheran, in contrast, that is starkly different to Mumbai, has been declared pollution free. This charming hill station has banned all automobiles and also remaining eighty-eight meters above sea level, comes with a much needed respite from the damp, contaminated city below. To be here, you should use the train, as no personal vehicles are permitted in the city itself. You will find lots of different types of transportation inside the city through, from handcarts to rickshaws but truly, the most effective way of getting around is hiking along the stunning trails that provide remarkable viewpoints out over the surrounding green, landscapes.

  • Lonavala

Lonavala is a spot that I really love. This gorgeous hill station is just about dreaming like, with misty mountains plus green rolling hills that stretch for mile upon mile. In case you arrive directly from Mumbai, the clean air and cool climes will shock you almost as much as the stunning landscapes do. There is a lot to do in the hill station as well as the surrounding area, from going to the early cave system of Karla to the remarkable peaks and cliffs that could be hiked.

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